AHA Moment of Once Upon A Time Story

Around the studio, things are bubbly and a bit confusing at times. Slowly finishing a bunch of commissions and projects I had in line since early this year, with new ones coming. Playing more and more with imagination, idea and concept , trying to create not only a picture, but the one which tickles the brain, pleases the eyes and connects the hearts of my clients to the hearts of consumers. Trying to create the one with dramatic storytelling. And day by day, it has been greatly opening my perception of color, form, and composition, and also improving my inner sight such a daily practice. Then drawing comes more naturally to me, so whenever the idea comes, I suddenly need to take a break from my work for a while, and do free drawing like this.

A bunch of free sketches and surprising ideas just like a fresh air for me. I always love the moment when a lightbulb suddenly comes in my mind, an AHA moment. And when I go back to work, everything would be easier and more fun. Suddenly, all the pieces fit together in one moment of inspiration.