Progress of Fairytale Wall Art For Kids Room

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email, a touchable mail from a mother that started with a little story about her girl who really loves art, fairy tales, fantasy, drawing and all the things in between. She told me that her little cute girl has a collection of painting in her room. And every time they came home after art exhibition visit, her little girl get inspired and always made some of her own finger painted art. Based on every lovely moment they had, she contacted me to do some mini fairytale wall art for this cute little girl. She would love teaching her girl about imagination, fantasy and fairytale from my art then. That would be nice and interesting for sure and I’m very excited with this lovely project.

*This project has done. Read the news here or see the final result of Noi Siamo Uno here and Ode To The Forest Wind here.