Makassar Folklore Painting In Progress

So today, my new Makassar-Indonesian folklore painting finally came half-alive. I worked on it for weeks and I kept myself busy finishing the details. This folklore narrates about the blessings of education, struggle and loyalty in someone who has beauty, love, kindness and strength. A woman and a wife of the heir of Gowa Kingdom, Datu Museng from Makassar-Indonesia. As usual, most of my painting will be dedicated to the women that will courageously and generously giving me a bit of their lives and feelings so that others can feel less lonely and think that, hey, they can be that kind of heroines too.

I am happy with the possibility of tapping into the women’s lives. I have already heard, received and read a few stories of woman from any media. When my fascination with the human being meets art making I see a whole world of symbolic meanings unfolding that are at one time overwhelming and strangely addictive. I have so much to learn from other women and so much to absorb from their tears, their courage and their hopes.

*Fine art has finished. Read the news here or see the final result of here.