Always Do It For The Process

Say hi to my another incoming project. I should learn more and more about Islamic pattern and its color scheme right now. I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that. I never be afraid to try new things with my art style, and make some mistakes.… Continue reading Always Do It For The Process

Delivery Time! Starwars Inspired Framed Art Print

Super thrilled to be sharing this moment with you. I bet, never imagined it would happen to me right now. Today is the 3rd delivery of this artwork and they will fly to 3 different places; Pangkalan Bun Kalimantan, Jakarta and Chicago USA, yaiy!!! I find happiness in the simplest of things. PS: These painting… Continue reading Delivery Time! Starwars Inspired Framed Art Print

My Painting Tuan Mutiara Hitam Sold Out

Surprise banget dapat kabar dari Kopi Keliling kalo lukisan mini “Tuan Muatiara Hitam” tentang budaya kopi suku Manggarai Flores, yang dipamerkan dii Jakarta bulan Agustus 2014 lalu, sold out to Owner Baraka Nusantara, Maryam Rodja. Pameran yang diselenggarakan Kopi Keliling ini diadakan untuk mendukung pembangunan Rumah Belajar Sankabira di daerah Sembalun. Berikut interview Icha Dechapoe… Continue reading My Painting Tuan Mutiara Hitam Sold Out

Work In Progress for StART Wars Exhibition next month

Today’s activities is pretty exciting, I cozied up in the studio on this blustery evening with Star Wars Characters and other artwork preparation. Really love this working mess, seeing this is the highlight of my day.

Painting Progress For My Upcoming Exhibition

Really excited to share a tiny peek of my artwork for upcoming exhibition in Jakarta next month that I’ve been working at a cheetah’s pace on! Spending time with the things that make me happy in studio now.

AHA Moment of Once Upon A Time Story

Around the studio, things are bubbly and a bit confusing at times. Slowly finishing a bunch of commissions and projects I had in line since early this year, with new ones coming. Playing more and more with imagination, idea and concept , trying to create not only a picture, but the one which tickles the… Continue reading AHA Moment of Once Upon A Time Story

A Musical Seasoning Sketch

When I was a child, I spent most of my time in my inner world. I was always more comfortable with the things i could not see with my physical eyes, like the people and places I created, the dreams, myths, fairytales, mysteries, magic, all of the things from fantasy world in movies, books, and… Continue reading A Musical Seasoning Sketch

Makassar Folklore Painting In Progress

So today, my new Makassar-Indonesian folklore painting finally came half-alive. I worked on it for weeks and I kept myself busy finishing the details. This folklore narrates about the blessings of education, struggle and loyalty in someone who has beauty, love, kindness and strength. A woman and a wife of the heir of Gowa Kingdom,… Continue reading Makassar Folklore Painting In Progress

Progress of Fairytale Wall Art For Kids Room

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email, a touchable mail from a mother that started with a little story about her girl who really loves art, fairy tales, fantasy, drawing and all the things in between. She told me that her little cute girl has a collection of painting in her room. And… Continue reading Progress of Fairytale Wall Art For Kids Room