A Moonland Fairytale Novel Cover Art

Novelist shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – but their readers certainly will. It is probably one of the key areas. If what you have produced (e.g cover art) doesn’t look great on the outside, then people are going to be much less likely to take a peek inside. And my client, Anna Margareth… Continue reading A Moonland Fairytale Novel Cover Art

Done! A Book Cover for Germany Author

As a novelist, making the reader desperate to know what happens is one of the key to become best-seller. There is no magic formula for making this happen. But novelist can give their selves a much better chance by making sure they get the important things. The most vital of this is the book description… Continue reading Done! A Book Cover for Germany Author

Vyorald Has Been Published!

I am very happy with this novel by Ery Wardhana whose the cover made by me. Like a record sleeve, a book cover is a crucial element of the reading experience. It’s the first thing you see, and great cover can draw you in and persuade you. Judging a book by its cover is not… Continue reading Vyorald Has Been Published!