Just Finished “Maipa Deapati” Painting

This has been a long time in coming, mostly because of a few details that I was struggling with in my current painting…but it finally all ideas came together. So without further ado I present Maipa Deapati from Sulawesi’s folklore and the history of Goa kingdom’s war versus colonialism in centuries ago. Making a piece… Continue reading Just Finished “Maipa Deapati” Painting

Makassar Folklore Painting In Progress

So today, my new Makassar-Indonesian folklore painting finally came half-alive. I worked on it for weeks and I kept myself busy finishing the details. This folklore narrates about the blessings of education, struggle and loyalty in someone who has beauty, love, kindness and strength. A woman and a wife of the heir of Gowa Kingdom,… Continue reading Makassar Folklore Painting In Progress