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Icha Dechapoe, Yoes Wibowo & Anggik Suyatno Featured On Jawa Pos

Today, me and my painting titled Androcrypt Bionic featured on Life Style Jawa Pos newspaper, along with another Surabaya mixed media artist, Yoes Wibowo & Anggik Suyatno. You can read more about it on Jawa Pos Online Pressreader (Indonesian language) or simply click here : Pelukis-Pelukis Dengan Media Unik

My Mixed Media Artwork On Jawa Pos Metropolis Newspaper

Always Do It For The Process

Say hi to my another incoming project. I should learn more and more about Islamic pattern and its color scheme right now. I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that. I never be afraid to try new things with my art style, and make some mistakes.… Continue reading Always Do It For The Process

My Art Exhibition with Kopi Keliling Vol. 8

Tonight, I’m having a great day in d’Gallerie Cafe with 28 artists all around Indonesia in one exhibition of Kopi Keliling Vol. 8 about Indonesian culture and coffee. This charity art event held by Kopi Keliling collaborated with Baraka Nusantara to support Sankabira study house development at Sembalun Lombok Indonesia.

Painting Progress For My Upcoming Exhibition

Really excited to share a tiny peek of my artwork for upcoming exhibition in Jakarta next month that I’ve been working at a cheetah’s pace on! Spending time with the things that make me happy in studio now.

Indonesian Woman Art Association Opening Exhibition

Thrilled to be a part of Indonesian Woman Art Association (East Jave) group show, opening 8th – 11th June from 9 Am to 10 Pm at Balai Pemuda Gallery, Surabaya Indonesia with the inauguration of Surabaya governor’s wife Mrs. Nina Karina Soekarwo. SO thrilled to be sharing my piece titled “Maipa Deapati” for this group… Continue reading Indonesian Woman Art Association Opening Exhibition

Just Finished “Maipa Deapati” Painting

This has been a long time in coming, mostly because of a few details that I was struggling with in my current painting…but it finally all ideas came together. So without further ado I present Maipa Deapati from Sulawesi’s folklore and the history of Goa kingdom’s war versus colonialism in centuries ago. Making a piece… Continue reading Just Finished “Maipa Deapati” Painting

Project Finished! 10 Mini Art For Kids Room

“Transforming her daughter’s room into something magical” is a dream of a great mother, Zaara Paige, my client from USA who always want to do the best for making her daughter happy. Her wish is mini art for kids with fairytale character in a whimsical world. A child’s surroundings can have a huge impact on… Continue reading Project Finished! 10 Mini Art For Kids Room

Progress of Fairytale Wall Art For Kids Room

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email, a touchable mail from a mother that started with a little story about her girl who really loves art, fairy tales, fantasy, drawing and all the things in between. She told me that her little cute girl has a collection of painting in her room. And… Continue reading Progress of Fairytale Wall Art For Kids Room